Stump Removal/Grinding Services

Paul Bauman’s Tree Service provides stump removal and grinding for any size stump. We can remove your stump in conjunction with removing your tree, or we provide stump removal & grinding for previously removed trees.

Along with stump removal, the scope of work can be expanded to root removal as well. This is an important step not to be overlooked when planning a new landscaping project or structure.

We are able to assess the needs of your stump project to determine if underground gas and or electric utilities need to be marked before we begin removing the stump.

“We recently bought a home in Saratoga, both the front and back yards were dominated by large ugly stumps that we thought were absolute eyesores. Paul and his team came and did a wonderful job removing them. My kids were fascinated by all of the machinery and the precision in which Paul used it. No more eyesores in our yard! I would highly recommend Paul Bauman’s Tree Service.”

-Erin, Saratoga Resident